I am quite lost as I am very new to latex. Could anyone lend me a hand to draw something that looks like this please?enter image description here

In advance I appreciate your help guys....




  >=latex,arrow style=tikz,
  row sep/custom/.initial=6em,column sep/custom/.initial=6em,
  row sep=custom,column sep=custom,
  every arrow/.append style={shift left},
  /tikz/annot/.style={draw,rounded corners,inner sep=.3ex,minimum size=1.5em},
  execute at end picture={
    \draw[dashed,<-] (k+1.south) to[out=180,in=-80] +(-.7,+.5) node[above] {$C_i$};
    \draw[dashed,<-] (k-1.north) to[out=  0,in=100] +(+.7,-.5) node[below] {$3N_i$};
    \draw[dashed,<-] (k-3.south) to[out=180,in=-80] +(-.7,+.5) node[above] {$C_e$};
    \draw[dashed,<-] (k+3.north) to[out=  0,in=100] +(+.7,-.5) node[below] {$3N_e$};
  |[label={[annot]above left:X_1}]|
  E_i(N_i)_3 \ar[r,"k_1"{name=k+1}] \ar[d,"k_{-4}"] &
  |[label={[annot]above right:X_2},label={right:\mbox{inside}}]|
  E_i(C_i)   \ar[l,"k_{-1}"{name=k-1}] \ar[d,"k_2"] \\
  |[label={[annot]below left:Y_1}]|
  E_e(N_e)_3 \ar[r,"k_{-3}"{name=k-3}] \ar[u,"k_4"] &
  |[label={[annot]below right:Y_2},label={right:\mbox{outside}}]|
  E_e(C_e)   \ar[l,"k_3"{name=k+3}] \ar[u,"k_{-2}"] \\  


enter image description here

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