I rewrote the post providing a MWE according to the suggestions by the comments below.


When generating the list of references at the end of my paper, the PDF output has two issues which I can't solve.

1) Links overflow page border but should get a page break at the dash.

2) Bibliography items are split across pages but should stay as one block.


My Document

I'm using RMarkdown with Pandoc to generate a PDF based on http://rmarkdown.rstudio.com/authoring_pandoc_markdown.html#citations

According to the documentation, the list of references is placed at the end of the document. So, I don't have anything like \printbibliography or so.

Using 'knit pdf' in RStudio seems to execute:

/Applications/RStudio.app/Contents/MacOS/pandoc/pandoc +RTS -K512m -RTS MWE.utf8.md 
--to latex 
--from markdown+autolink_bare_uris+ascii_identifiers+tex_math_single_backslash 
--output MWE.tex 
--template /usr/local/lib/R/3.3/site-library/rmarkdown/rmd/latex/default-1.15.2.tex 
--highlight-style tango 
--latex-engine /Library/TeX/texbin/xelatex 
--variable graphics=yes 
--bibliography library.bib 
--filter /Applications/RStudio.app/Contents/MacOS/pandoc/pandoc-citeproc


    latex_engine: xelatex
    keep_tex: true
bibliography: library.bib
fontsize: 12pt
  margin = 1.2in,
  paper = a4paper,
  inner = 1.5cm,
  bindingoffset = 2cm,
  outer = 2cm,
  top = 2.5cm,
  bottom = 2.5cm
- \usepackage{setspace}
- \usepackage{lipsum}
- \onehalfspacing

#  Content

@Boner2015 states that...

I need another line...

And another...


# References



author = {Bon{\'{e}}r, Jonas},
title = {{Interview with Tony Rae Moore: Typesafe AMA Podcast Ep. 03 feat. How Akka Actors Help Build Microservices with Jonas Bon{\'{e}}r}},
url = {https://www.lightbend.com/blog/typesafe-ama-podcast-ep-03-feat-akka-actors-microservices-jonas-boner},
urldate = {2016-11-22},
year = {2015}

Generated MWE.tex

\usepackage{fixltx2e} % provides \textsubscript
\ifnum 0\ifxetex 1\fi\ifluatex 1\fi=0 % if pdftex
\else % if luatex or xelatex
% use upquote if available, for straight quotes in verbatim environments
% use microtype if available
\UseMicrotypeSet[protrusion]{basicmath} % disable protrusion for tt fonts
\usepackage[margin = 1.2in, paper = a4paper, inner = 1.5cm, bindingoffset = 2cm,
outer = 2cm, top = 2.5cm, bottom = 2.5cm]{geometry}
\PassOptionsToPackage{usenames,dvipsnames}{color} % color is loaded by hyperref
            pdfborder={0 0 0},
\urlstyle{same}  % don't use monospace font for urls
% Scale images if necessary, so that they will not overflow the page
% margins by default, and it is still possible to overwrite the defaults
% using explicit options in \includegraphics[width, height, ...]{}
\setlength{\parskip}{6pt plus 2pt minus 1pt}
\setlength{\emergencystretch}{3em}  % prevent overfull lines

%%% Use protect on footnotes to avoid problems with footnotes in titles

%%% Change title format to be more compact

% Create subtitle command for use in maketitle



% Redefines (sub)paragraphs to behave more like sections



Bonér (2015) states that\ldots{}

I need another line\ldots{}

And another\ldots{}



\setlength{\parindent}{-0.2in} \setlength{\leftskip}{0.2in}
\setlength{\parskip}{8pt} \noindent

Bonér, Jonas. 2015. ``Interview with Tony Rae Moore: Typesafe AMA
Podcast Ep. 03 Feat. How Akka Actors Help Build Microservices with Jonas

  • 1
    Breaking long URLs is a pain, have a look at Line breaks of long URLs in biblatex bibliography? and linked questions. If you want us to have a closer look at your actual problem, please consider showing us the generated LaTeX code in MWE form, see also MWEB.
    – moewe
    Nov 25, 2016 at 15:00
  • 1
    Ah, can you please check if you really use the package biblatex as your tag suggests? In your code example I find a .csl mentioned which makes me think you are not actually using biblatex at all, but rather some internal Pandoc citation converter.
    – moewe
    Nov 25, 2016 at 15:03
  • 1
    The package url or hyperref should help with the linebreak if the URL is marked as such in the generated .tex file. But I think .csl issues need to be asked in the Pandoc group because the issue is not the TeX code but how the code is generated in the first place. (And, really, this site would need the generated .tex code to do anything helpful at all.)
    – jon
    Nov 25, 2016 at 16:32
  • @moewe, thanks for that input - being completely new to Latex, RMarkdown, Pandoc, etc. I wasn't sure what was relevant or could cause a conflict. Anyway, I hope, this MWE is more useful now. I also removed the biblatex tag: I just use a .bib file but not the package...
    – Toaditoad
    Nov 25, 2016 at 17:04
  • @jon, I will have a look into that. According to the .tex, the url seems marked as \url.
    – Toaditoad
    Nov 25, 2016 at 17:04

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For issue 1, I added the following under header-includes:


It adds additional characters on which the url can break, which can be done while hypperref is already loaded, apparently.

The solution for issue 2 is not doing it for me.


Thanks to @jon and @moewe, issue 1 can be resolved by putting \PassOptionsToPackage{hyphens}{url} before loading hyperref (\usepackage{hyperref}). In my case that was not possible in the header-include: of the RMarkdown YAML because it uses some default .tex file where hyperrefis already loaded. For me, it is okay to modify the default .text file.

Regarding issue 2, apparently RMarkdown with Pandoc and CSL generates paragraphs (separated by an empty line) for each bibliography item of the following format

Bonér, J. (2015). \emph{Interview with Tony Rae Moore: Typesafe AMA
Podcast Ep. 03 feat. How Akka Actors Help Build Microservices with Jonas
Bonér}. {[}Online{]}. Available from:
{[}Accessed: 22 November 2016{]}.

Usually, according to How to avoid page-breaks inside paragraphs? this would work:

\widowpenalties 1 10000

But, having \hypertarget prevents page breaks (Multiple \hypertarget overflow the page?). Therefore, in addition, I had to place a \leavevmode in front of every \hypertarget resulting in overwriting \hypertarget:


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