I would like to include code between two paragraphs, just like you can include equations. I use the lstlisting environment from the mcode package. I do not understand why it adds a vertical space before the code. How can I change it, so the spaces around the lstlisting are the same as around the equation*?



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x = y+2;

Nunc aliquet mi eros, id venenatis lorem iaculis quis. Donec pharetra vestibulum ex quis consequat. Fusce vestibulum vel mauris eu posuere. Vestibulum viverra erat at feugiat vestibulum. Sed ac est sed est mattis dignissim. Donec faucibus arcu a mollis consectetur. Suspendisse ac arcu cursus, pulvinar dolor vel, fringilla sem.


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The excessive vertical space is indicated with a blue arrow. enter image description here

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This "problem" is due to a particular setting in mcode.sty, defining


for lstlisting environements. So it seems like a deliberate choice.

If you have/want to use this package (I'd rather recommend loading the listings package yourself and setting those parameters you really need), add the line


somewhere before the lstlisting environment or supply this value as an option to a particular enviroment as


Starting your code with the lines


results in the following output.

enter image description here

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