I would like to know how could I exclude 0 of this axis format

yticklabel style={/pgf/number format/.cd,sci,sci zerofill,precision=1}

In order to avoid this.

enter image description here

the most similar what I've got is using this code (as MWE)




\begin{axis}[grid=major, scaled ticks=false,scale=2.2, y post scale=2, yticklabel style={/pgf/number format/.cd, 1000 sep={\;}}]
        only marks,
        error bars/.cd,
        x dir=both, x explicit,
        y dir=both, y explicit,
        table[y error=yerror,x error=xerror]
        ] {-120322.13*x + 53246.18};  

Which produces this

enter image description here

being this NmP3pgf1.dat

x           y                xerror       yerror  label
0.00        52080.65         0.01         648.31   a
-0.80       148381.84        0.01       2618.50   a
-2.80       391752.88        0.01       9554.95   a

Essentially Jake's solution is correct as usual but here your numbers are too big for the \ifdim test. Hence a bit more lower level pgf number formatting is needed.

If you just use the following it will perform a test for zero and execute the correct branch of the if.

        \pgfmathprintnumber[sci,sci zerofill,precision=1]{\tick}%

enter image description here

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