When I use \parencite for example, it creates a hyperlink in the PDF which I can click to get to the reference in the bibliography. However, with \citeauthor and \citeyear it does not create one. It does create a mention in the bibliography however, so that is not the problem.

Does anybody know how to fix this? I don't know all the relevant commands for this, I use a standard template found on Overleaf. But the command for my bibliography is the following:


And the following I found in the .cls file:

\ifbool{hyperrefsupport}{% If the nohyperref class option has not been specified
\AfterPackage{biblatex}{ % Load the hyperref package after the biblatex package for compatibility 
\RequirePackage{hyperref} % Required for customising links and the PDF
colorlinks=true, % Set to false to disable coloring links
citecolor=Crimson, % The color of citations
linkcolor=red, % The color of references to document elements (sections, figures, etc)
urlcolor=magenta, % The color of hyperlinks (URLs)

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I found how to do it for the \citeauthor command by adding the following to the preamble: However, I was unable to modify it to work for \citeyear.