I'm trying to finish my thesis and have received a bunch of formatting corrections that I need to do, one of which I'm beating myself senseless trying to figure out. I have to make the chapter entries in the table of contents look like this:


GENERAL INTRODUCTION................................................. 1

I've been playing with the memoir manual and my source to try and make this work, but I can't seem to get it to put a line break in after the section number. Here's the redefinitions that I've already done for other required corrections:


and here's what I've done to try and insert the line break:


I've tried variations here, like \newline and \protect\newline (because of other posts I've seen, though I don't really understand when 'protect' is necessary). If anyone has any thoughts on how I might accomplish this, I'd be really grateful!


Here's one possible solution:







enter image description here

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