I want to write a specification. It has a section listing all features. Another section lists tests. Each test must reference the feature it tests.

Now by TeX-magic, I want untested features be colored red. I also want features to get a list of tests, which test it. Ideally clickable references to jump back and forth in pdfs and numbered.

More concretely, a hypothetical specification:

\feature{Features have a List of Tests}{at-feature-list}
The first part is the title, the second a label, like for \\label
\feature{Untested Features are red}{123}
\feature{Tests link to Features they test}{crossref}

\ftest{A list of Features}{at-feature-list,123}
Create an example listing...

It should output like

F1. Features have a List of Tests

Tested by: T1

The first part is the title, the second a label, like for \label

F2. Untested Features are red

Tested by: T1

F3. Tests link to Features they test (colored red!)

Tested by: -

T1. A list of Features

Testing: F1, F2

As far as I know, there is no package for this. Implementing \feature and \ftest probably implementing something similar to \label and \ref.

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    this can be done using rdfref package, I thing. It doesn't have documentation, unfortunately. but you can see what it can do in this answer, or another one – michal.h21 Dec 2 '16 at 19:40

Thanks to michal.h21 and his rdfref package I was able to build something, which is nearly there.

The relevant part of the document looks like this:




\test{First Start}{tst:first}


The output is:

F1 Foo   Tested by: 
F2 Bar   Tested by: T1 T2


T1 First Start   Testing: F2
T2 Trial   Testing: F2

The TeX macros to get there are:


  { \GetProperty{#1}{pfl:tstid} }}
  { \GetProperty{#1}{pfl:fncid} }}


  \par\textbf{F\arabic{functionality} #1}\rdflabel{#2}
       Tested by: \Bind{?t}{pfl:tests}{#2}{ \testlink{\GetVal{?t}} }
  }{{\color{red}{NOT TESTED}}}

  \par\textbf{T\arabic{test} #1}\rdflabel{#2}
  Testing: \Bind{#2}{pfl:tests}{?f}{ \functionalitylink{\GetVal{?f}} }

The \AddProperty calls are relative to the previous \rdflabel and store triples like (tst:trial,pfl:tests,fnc:bar).

Then \Bind{?t}{pfl:tests}{#2}{ \testlink{\GetVal{?t}} } outputs the list of links. The query (?t,pfl:tests,fnc:bar) looks for all triples, where the second and third element matches. It outputs a \testlink for each found triple with ?t bound to the first triple element.

There is also the (id,pfl:is-tested,yeah) triples. They are used for the \IfProperty checks. If there is no such triple for an id, then a red warning NOT TESTED is printed, instead of the backlinks.

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