I wish to direct the reader to the same footnote multiple times (in different locations in the main text).

I have found solutions using \footenote{\label{}...} and, e.g., \footref{} or \footnotemark[\ref{note1}]. These solutions seem to fail when I use:


I also don't seem to make it work when I use (I tried recompiling with the packages from scratch):




How can I do that in the document class which I'm using?


For revtex4-1 the answer is covered by How to refer to same footnote twice in REVTeX? Switching to revtex4-1 and using the answers from How to refer to same footnote twice in REVTeX? should probably be considered the preferred solution.

The (now obsolete) revtex4 uses a different mechanism, storing footnotes by default as endnotes which are sequentially labelled endnoteX where X is the number of the footnotes. All these footnotes can be found in a <tex file name>.end auxiliary file which may be an easier way to find the appropriate endnote label.

The footnote can then be referenced a second time through use of the \cite{endnoteX} command.

enter image description here


Foo~\footnote{bar}.  Let us reference that footnote again~\cite{endnote1}


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