LaTeX's indexing packages makeindex and xindy provide good support for the basic features of an index: runs of pages, nested index sub-entries, and cross-references of the form:

Yurmurm-Peffifoss, Rudwooll, see Peffifoss, Rudwooll Y.

Well and good. However, my indexer also demands an additional type of index entry, the "see also". A see-also entry combines page references and cross-references into a single item:

Peffifoss, Rudwooll Y., 58–59, 65; see also "The Preoccupation of Mr. Peffifoss"; Thurber, James, nightmarish bureaucratic fantasies of

Is there a ready-made command for such an entry?


makeidx package provides the command \seealso, which does exactly this and has the same syntax as \see

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