can someone one please help to write this formula in latexenter image description here

\max\limits_{{P^{\circ}_t(j)}} E_{t}\sum_{s=0}^{\infty}\zeta^s M_{t,t+s}

I take it the main issue is the typesetting of the curly braces around the material immediately below "max". Just change




Remember that in order to typeset curly braces, you must type \{ and \}, not just { and }.

No need for the \limits directive, by the way.

To fully reproduce the equation shown in the screenshot, you also need to provide \mid t items in two of the subscripts.

enter image description here

\max_{\{P^{\circ}_t(j)\}} E_{t} \sum_{s=0}^{\infty} \zeta^s M_{t,t+s}
\left[ P^{\circ}_{t+s\mid t}(j) - \mathcal{MC}_{t+s}(j) \right] Y_{t+s\mid t}(j) 
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