I use plain LaTeX for research papers (which don't run without error in XeLaTeX) and XeLaTeX for presentations (which use fontspec). I am working with Kile and have a shortcut (Alt+2) for QuickBuild with PDFLaTeX which I am very accustomed to. Now I could easily choose a different Shortcut for a QuickBuild with XeLaTeX. However, I always accidentally push Alt+2 creating errors, which is a bit annoying.

Is there any way to have Kile recognize automatically which command should be used to build the current file? I'm fine with putting some document type declaration like "% use xelatex" at the beginning of the document if that helps.


If you use Linux or Mac, you can use the following script as "compiler" for Kile:

read -r line < "$filename"
if [ "$directive" == "% use" ]; then
    eval "$latex" "$filename"
    eval pdflatex "$filename"

It checks if the first line of the input file contains the % use [compiler] directive and executes it if found, if not it defaults to pdflatex.

Note: this does not copy other command-line arguments (such as --shell-escape), and probably has other problems I didn't think of.

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