I changed my LyX default Roman screen font to the David font.

My text looks like this, with David as font for Roman:

enter image description here

In terms of the font for regular (non-math-mode text), the text has the same font as it had in my LyX before I made any changes to the default fonts.

(for example, if I export the LyX document to PDF), the font change did not change the looks - the fonts in PDF looks the same as they looked before the changes I made to the font in LyX.

But, the problem is that David is now affecting the default math-mode font.

In terms of how the fonts looked before I did the changes, non-math-mode text had a David font (or, at least, it looked the way it looks now), and math-mode text had a different font, whose name I don't know (and don't remember well how it looks, either).

Is it possible to somehow revert back to the default fonts, or does anybody know the name of the default math-mode text font, and it's possible to separate non-math-mode and math-mode texts fonts, and apply the 2 different fonts?

  • Please clarify: Is the situation afffecting the way the document "looks" on-screen, or is it affecting printed documents? – Mico Dec 10 '16 at 6:52
  • It doesn't affect the exported documents. Thanks for asking. I'll add that information to the post. – Gal Grünfeld Dec 10 '16 at 6:57

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