I am compiling large conference proceedings with many sections in the following way using a kind of Ruby script:

  1. I get all articles in PDFs.
  2. For each one I calculate page count using pdftk.
  3. For each section I generate overlaying TeX file with shmutztitle and headings, concatenate articles with pdftk and overlay smutztitle and headings with pdftk.
  4. Then I generate TOC programmatically using \contentsline and finally concatenate everything with pdftk again. And proudly get single ~30 MiB PDF file as output.

I know all resulting page numbers, but, just as expected, when I try to use page.4 link in TOC, it just links to page 4 of TOC itself.

Okay, it is always better to have bookmaks in the proceedings, so I started generating them for shmutztitles as \pdfbookmark[1]{Section Name}{abspage-5} and for articles as \pdfbookmark[2]{Article Title}{abspage-7}. Page numbers are 'global' here, meaning numbers from very final document. Bookmarks work pretty well there and I am happy with them, but...

... But TOC still lags. When I try to reference above article bookmark from TOC with \hyperlink{abspage-7.2}{7} (just making page numbers clickable, .2 is bookmark level as http://ttic.uchicago.edu/~gregory/notes/pdfsl/docs/pdfdoc.pdf prescribes), it points nowhere...

So I tried:

  • almost without hope, referencing page numbers;
  • with great hope, referencing bookmarks.

And failed both times.

What should I try next, preferably without rewriting the whole system to use one global TeX overlay for the whole proceedings? =)

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    If I understand what you are trying to achieve correctly, doesn't the pdfpages packages fit your needs? With that package you can include other PDF documents inside a LaTeX document. – sodd Dec 10 '16 at 9:47
  • Yes, pdfpages was one of possible solutions for me, but as the whole proceedings it very big, I do not want to assemble them with TeX. Concatenating standalone PDFs with pdftk is much faster. But they remain too standalone then =) – dluciv Dec 10 '16 at 11:09
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    You can use pdfpages after you've compiled the complete document to include one page at a time and stick labels in that that you create programmatically, something like \foreach \p in [1..P] {\includepdf[pages=\p]{complete} \label{page\p}} . (Need some fine tuning) – JPi Feb 5 '17 at 23:30