I have a custom tikzset with code provided by: Use something like underbrace to show differences in progression. To be self-contained, here is the Latex I'm using directly:

pics/underbrace/.style args={#1,#2,#3}{%
% a pic for putting an underbrace under certain columns
% #1 = left column
% #2 = right column index
% #3 = label text
code = {
       \pgfextractx\colL{\pgfpointanchor{M-1-#1}{south}}  % x-coords of columns
       % draw the delimiter with the correct width
       \node[rectangle, below delimiter={\}}, minimum width=\dimexpr\colR-\colL-1pt]
              at ($ (M-1-#1)!0.5!(M-1-#2) $){};
       % the label
       \node at ($ (M-1-#1.south)!0.5!(M-1-#2.south) $)[below=1mm]{$\scriptstyle #3$};
\matrix (M)[matrix of math nodes,row sep=1cm,column sep=1mm]{
  x! & 2x! & 3x! & \ldots & (n-x-1)x! & (n-x)x! & (x+1)!\\

It works nicely to produce a pdf locally, but the tikzset is causing my tex to not be accepted by arXiv. The relevant error message is as follows:

! Undefined control sequence.
l.879 \pic
! Emergency stop.
l.879 \pic
! ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!

I'm assuming this is an issue with arXiv using an older version of Latex. Does anyone know a workaround?



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