I've install portable WinPython (python-3.6.0b4.amd64 from http://winpython.github.io/). I use Miktex and TexStudio as IDE. I'm compiling the example(pythontex_gallery.tex) of the pythonTeX package, It doesn't work for me in Win10. Path to python is in path variable

When I try to run pythontex fromwithin TexStudio (pythontex.exe --interpreter "python:py -3" %.tex) or via command line after tex-file compiling I get

Traceback (most recent call last): File "d:\Programs\LaTeX\MikTex\scripts\pythontex\pythontex.py", line 55, in <module> import pythontex3 as pythontex ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pythontex3'

but pythontex3.py in the same folder as pythontex.py


It seems that you should set your PYTHONPATH environment variable. I don't know Winpython, but the documentation (https://github.com/winpython/winpython/wiki/Environment) suggests you can do this by editing the file settings\winpython.ini in your winpython install dir. You should modify it so it contains a line like PYTHONPATH = D:\Programs\LaTeX\MikTex\scripts\pythontex

I did not try it, but it should work this way!

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  • Unfortunantly, it does not help me. I have added PYTHONPATH as you mention, but error is still there. – sergiokapone Dec 13 '16 at 14:00

I figured out what is the problem was. I used python-3.6.0b4.amd64 which is probably unstable. With WinPython's python-3.4.4.amd64 it even do not need in PYTHONPATH declaration, only system PATH variable one need to be set the path to the python distribution.

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