It is the 3rd. question about 'platex' or Japanese.

Question: In one paper or report, I need to write Chinese and Japanese.

 Can I use the \usepackage{CJK}, or what kind of command I should use or write?  



Japanese pLaTeX is incompatible with CJK package, so you can't use CJK package on pLaTeX. Actually it throws no error, but the output from pLaTeX + CJK will be almost always broken (e.g. Commands for changing font-size does not work at all, and Chinese characters are printed in Japanese fonts).

pLaTeX is most suitable for Japanese-only documents. If you need multi-language support, you may choose pdfLaTeX + CJKutf8 package. (This is a little old solution, but seems commonly used.)

%#! pdflatex test.tex



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    It seems that the \usepackage{xeCJK} is a good idea. – DLIN Dec 13 '16 at 8:41
  • Here is a template on overleaf: zhihu.com/question/41206352. But I do not understand so well. – DLIN Dec 13 '16 at 9:52

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