I have margins which I have to oblige by and also notes telling me that if I insert this tilde ˜ in front of each word it will stay on a line without getting broken. I have done this but this has not worked with

Lettre d'\'{E}tienne Pascal et Roberval ˜\`{a} ˜Fermat. 

Fermat breaks onto the second line reading Fer-......mat.I tried with a standard ~ too. Any suggestions on how to prevent this break?.


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Tilde symbols can be used to prevent line breaks between words, for example


To prevent a word from being split up and hyphenated, you can use a box:


the flaw in your example is that you have left a regular typed space before the tilde. that will always allow a line break, while usually doubling the width of the space. tildes used in this manner should be the only "space" present.

however, avoiding a line break at a space in this manner won't prevent hyphenation, if hyphenation would yield a paragraph with more uniform spacing. some suggestions for avoiding hyphenation are given here: No hyphen for a word

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