An item placed outside of \cventry does not get tabbed to the left. How do I align it with the main text?

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\fancyfoot[RE,LO]{\footnotesize }

% personal datas
\address{Bukit Batok West Ave 6 \\ Block 189 \#15-27 \\ Singapore 650189 \\}{}
\mobile{(+65) 9172-2319}              
\extrainfo{ \\ ha\_haziq\_91@hotmail.com\\

pdfborder = {0 0 1}

\nopagenumbers{} % uncomment to suppress automatic page numbering for CVs longer than one page


%                                     EDUCATION




\cventry{Aug 2013 -- Oct 2016}{Nanyang Technological University, Singapore}{}{}{}{\normalsize{B.Eng. Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 1st Class Honours} \newline{}}

\cventry{Jul 2014 -- Dec 2014}{University of Western Ontario, Canada}{}{}{}{\normalsize{Exchange Student} \newline{}}

%                                     EXPERIENCE

\section{Relevant Experience} 
\cventry{Aug 2016 -- Aug 2017}{\href{http://www.ipal.cnrs.fr/}
{Image \& Pervasive Access Lab} (Centre national de la recherche scientifique)}{\textnormal{Research Engineer}}{\textit{Object Detection in RGBD images} \vspace{2mm}}{}{
\item A \vspace{3mm}
\item A

\cventry{May 2016 -- Jul 2016}{\href{http://www.i2r.a-star.edu.sg/department/vc/index.html}
{Institute for Infocomm Research}}{\textnormal{Intern}}{\textit{Object Detection for Mobility Safety Applications} \vspace{2mm}}{}{
\item Conducted a survey of Deep Learning methods for object detection and recognition and developed an end-to-end CNN for pedestrian detection in RGB-Thermal images \vspace{4mm} 

\cventry{Aug 2015 -- Apr 2016}{\href{http://adsc.illinois.edu/}
{Advanced Digital Sciences Centre} (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)}{\textnormal{Junior Research Assistant}}{\textit{Real Time Automated Analysis of Soccer Videos}\vspace{2mm}}{}{
\item Designed algorithms that enhanced the ball tracker by utilizing the rules and \textit{a-priori} knowledge of soccer and implemented height estimation techniques based on the epipolar geometry of stereo vision \vspace{3mm}
\item Designed an algorithm for unsupervised learning of player-team based on k-means clustering and improved the kalman-filtering based player tracker with an occlusion handler that employed an adaptive template  \vspace{10mm}

\item Worked on camera calibration and homography for the mapping of objects onto a common coordinate system for object fusion and analysis in world coordinates \vspace{4mm}

\cventry{Jan 2015 -- May 2015}{Nanyang Technological University}{}{\textit{Face Recognition - Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program} \vspace{2mm}}{}{ 
\item Conducted a detailed survey of existing techniques on 2D Face Recognition and implemented PCA and LDA on Matlab for performance evaluation \vspace{5mm}

%                                       AWARDS


\cventry{2014  -- 2016}{\mdseries{Yayasan Mendaki - Institution of Engineers (Singapore) Scholarship}}{}{}{}{\footnotesize{The scholarship is awarded to \normalsize{\textbf{one Malay student}} per year across all engineering disciplines by nomination from NUS/NTU/SIT/SUTD\newline{}}}

%                                   COMPUTER SKILLS

\section{Relevant Skills \normalsize\color{black}(Proficient, \color{gray}Basic)}
\cvitem{Languages}{C++, Matlab, \color{gray} Python}
\cvitem{Libraries}{OpenCV, Point Cloud Library, OpenMP, MatConvNet, \color{gray} Caffe\newline{}}

%                                      SERVICE



\cventry{}{Dr. Nizar Ouarti}{}{}{}{\normalsize{Associate Professor}\newline Image and Pervasive Access Lab / Université Pierre et Marie Curie \newline nizar.ouarti@ipal.cnrs.fr \newline}

\cventry{}{Dr. Lu Shijian}{}{}{}{\normalsize{Scientist II / Adjunct Assistant Professor}\newline Institute for Infocomm Research / Nanyang Technological University \newline slu@i2r.a-star.edu.sg \newline}

\cventry{}{Dr. Stefan Winkler}{}{}{}{\normalsize{Principal Research Scientist}\newline Advanced Digital Sciences Center / U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign \newline Stefan.Winkler@adsc.com.sg \newline}

\closesection{}                   % needed to renewcommands


moderncv sets the \cventry as an unbreakable block - a tabular - to achieve the display alignment. Also, the seventh argument #7 of \cventry - your itemized list - is set inside a minipage which also doesn't allow for breaking across the page boundary.

You can manually format separate items to allow for page breaking by setting them inside an empty \cvitem{}:

  \item Worked on camera calibration and homography for the mapping of 
        objects onto a common coordinate system for object fusion and 
        analysis in world coordinates

In order to allow for this to happen naturally would require a complete rewrite of that part (which is substantial).

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