I am writing a cover letter using the classic cover letter model, derived from moderncv, I found on the internet for LaTeX. I would like to add a footnote, so I import the package footnote and the use \footnote{some text} where I want to. This leads to two errors, which become just one if I remove the line \usepackage{footnote}.

Below, I report a MWE:



\recipient{Somebody}{Some street} 
\date{somewhere, \today}
\opening{Dear ,}
\closing{Yours, sincerely,}


Some text \footnote{Some other text}


These errors do not seem to impact the cover letter, however I would like to know Why I get these errors when I insert the footnote, and how can I get rid of them?

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The problem with class moderncv is that is does not support footnotes. That is the reason for the error message you get with your code.

But you can use class scrlttr2 (KOMA-Script) or letter (did not test this) to create your letter with footnotes.

How to use scrlttr2 with the style of moderncv please see my answer to this question. With scrlttr2 you can use footnotes ...

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