In a latex book document, I use different layouts by using the command \newgeometry. My footers and margins (marginparwidth,marginparsep) "move" and if I use a standard page numbering, the page numbering move too and it's not beautiful.

I'd like to use a fixed "float" page numbering box in the bottom corner of all of my pages of my document, without consideration of the \newgeometry settings. I'd like specify a (X,Y) position for this box for all of my document, like that :

exemple of specified page numbering box I'd like

To complexify, I'd like that the command \thispagestyle{empty} can be understand too : if the \thispagestyle{empty} is specified into a page, the page numbering box is not displayed.


Here is a suggestion with package scrlayer-scrpage. It uses layers for header and footer. It is possible to define new layers and add them to page styles.

So you can use a two new layers for the page numbers: one for odd pages and one for even pages.

In the following example the center of the baseline is 1cm above the lower page border and 2cm left/right of the outer page margin on odd/even pages.






\chapter{A chapter}
{\Huge A page with empty page style.\par}

enter image description here

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  • It works perfectly. I had a conflict with fancyhdr package, but I've deleted it and it is ok. – lucif Dec 17 '16 at 16:49

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