I'm uploading a very simple tufte handout based paper to arxiv and I'm getting an error:

! LaTeX Error: Option clash for package hyperref.

but I am not loading hyperref anywhere. I'm only loading amsmath, babel, graphicx, polski (the polish latex package), booktabs, untis and multicol packages. I'm not chaning any hyperref options explicitly. Is there a general problem with arxiv supporting the tufte class?

  • A package can also be loaded by other packages or the class. In this case, hyperref is loaded by the class tufte-handout with options unicode, hyperfootnotes=false. If a package is loaded twice, then LaTeX only checks the second time, whether there are new options and throws the error, if new options are found. Is the .log file of the LaTeX run available on arxiv? It would probably tell the details of the option clash right after the error message and could give a hint, when hyperref is loaded the second time. Dec 16, 2016 at 10:42

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Try include a file called 00README.XXX with your submission containing the following contents:


This will disable hyperref which is included automatically (but with different options than called with the tufte-handout package).


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