I need to add an Appendix Section to my paper with the list of selected paper in my systematic literature review.

I can create the reference Section but I am not able to create a section for the selected study.

This is what I need to create:

[1] N.Surname, N.Surname. "paper 1" ... 
[2] N.Surname, N.Surname. "paper 2" ...
[3] N.Surname, N.Surname. "paper 3" ...

Appendix A
[S1] N.Surname, N.Surname. "selected 1" ... 
[S2] N.Surname, N.Surname. "selected 2" ...
[S3] N.Surname, N.Surname. "selected 3" ...

Maybe there is package somewhere that does this kind of stuff out of the box.

Update: There is -- the bibunits package would let you do this in the same document, but still require multiple runs of bibtex.

However, if there isn't, the easiest way may be to cheat a bit and create a helper document that just contains the selected references, and include the bibliography produced by that document in the main text. Example:

Helper document dummy.tex:





\nocite{Palmer2013,Zhang2014} % name all your selected references



Running latex and bibtex on dummy.tex will give you the selected reading list inside dummy.bbl.

Main document:







We discuss a couple of papers in the main text \cite{Palmer2013,Zhang2014,Taylor2016,Zitzer2001}.




% change the title for included reading list
\renewcommand{\refname}{Selected reading}  % for documentclass article
%\renewcommand{\bibname}{Selected reading} % for documentclass book or report

% dummy.bbl is generated by running latex and bibtex on dummy.tex


enter image description here


There is a multibib package that does exactly that and is well-suited for systematic reviews: https://www.ctan.org/pkg/multibib. bibunits allows multiple bibliographies, but requires them to be separated into specific sections, which is not always the best choice for SLRs.

Usage is also fairly straightforward:

    \newcites{SLR}{Systematic Review References}

    Some text \citeSLR{Ref}


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