I would like to create BibTeX entries that lead to the proper typesetting of hyphenated author first names under \bibliographystyle{IEEEtran} that will nevertheless yield full printed names under other bibliography styles. For instance, given the following author entry:

AUTHOR = "Soon-{W}ook Chung and Byoung-{K}wang Kim and Woo-{J}in Song"

the typeset reference under IEEEtrans should be

S.-W. Chung, B.-K. Kim and W.-J. Song, ....

(but it is not) and in a full bibliography style (e.g., for a book) the typeset reference should be

Soon-Wook Chung, Byoung-Kwong Kim and Woo-Jin Song, ....

I have tried numerous arrangements of brackets and hyphens (such as the one above) but no single entry gives the proper typesetting in both these bibliography styles.

How should I write the BibTeX entry (preferably without having to write special-purpose macros)?

I am running TeXShop 3.74 on a Mac.

This question is related to ones addressing hyphenation of last names and dacritics but of course the answers to those questions are not quite appropriate.

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According to its documentation, BibTeX already takes care of hyphenated first names. Quoting the section about author names (p. 24):

Names are separated by spaces above, but it may occur that two first names are separated by a hyphen, as in “Jean-François” for instance. BibTeX splits that string, and if both parts are in the First, the abbreviated surnames is “J.-F.” as (generally) wanted.

And indeed, simply typing the names with a hyphen and without any extra braces works fine, as shown by the following sample.


  author = {Soon-Wook Chung and Byoung-Kwang Kim and Woo-Jin Song},
  title = {{Hyphenation of first names in Bib\TeX}},
  journal = {{The \TeX\ StackExchange}},
  year = 2016





Output with bibliography style plain:

Reference in plain style

Output with bibliography style IEEEtran:

Reference in IEEEtrans style

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