I would like to create BibTeX entries that lead to the proper typesetting of hyphenated author first names under \bibliographystyle{IEEEtran} that will nevertheless yield full printed names under other bibliography styles. For instance, given the following author entry:

AUTHOR = "Soon-{W}ook Chung and Byoung-{K}wang Kim and Woo-{J}in Song"

the typeset reference under IEEEtrans should be

S.-W. Chung, B.-K. Kim and W.-J. Song, ....

(but it is not) and in a full bibliography style (e.g., for a book) the typeset reference should be

Soon-Wook Chung, Byoung-Kwong Kim and Woo-Jin Song, ....

I have tried numerous arrangements of brackets and hyphens (such as the one above) but no single entry gives the proper typesetting in both these bibliography styles.

How should I write the BibTeX entry (preferably without having to write special-purpose macros)?

I am running TeXShop 3.74 on a Mac.

This question is related to ones addressing hyphenation of last names and dacritics but of course the answers to those questions are not quite appropriate.


According to its documentation, BibTeX already takes care of hyphenated first names. Quoting the section about author names (p. 24):

Names are separated by spaces above, but it may occur that two first names are separated by a hyphen, as in “Jean-François” for instance. BibTeX splits that string, and if both parts are in the First, the abbreviated surnames is “J.-F.” as (generally) wanted.

And indeed, simply typing the names with a hyphen and without any extra braces works fine, as shown by the following sample.


  author = {Soon-Wook Chung and Byoung-Kwang Kim and Woo-Jin Song},
  title = {{Hyphenation of first names in Bib\TeX}},
  journal = {{The \TeX\ StackExchange}},
  year = 2016





Output with bibliography style plain:

Reference in plain style

Output with bibliography style IEEEtran:

Reference in IEEEtrans style


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