I have this generic "proof" concerning injections below and would like the vertical dots to be centered. I tried \begin{centering} but of course this adds vertical space above and below the dots which I would like to avoid. My MWE below uses \centering and I admit I may be using it incorrectly. When I attemtped this before with that centering command it worked fine except that it centered the entire proof.

I just want to center the vertical dots and nothing more with no extra spaces above and below those dots. Thanks!!!

\documentclass[12 pt]{article}



\author{Philip Dykes}



    \textsc{Contrapositive Proof that $f: X \to Y$ is injective.}\\
            Suppose $x,y \in X$ and $x \ne y$.\\
            {\centering{$\quad \quad \quad \vdots$}} \\
            Hence $f(x) \ne f(y)$.\\
            $\therefore f: X \to Y$ is injective. 

  • \begin{centering} is \begingroup\centering and would not add any vertical space (perhaps you meant \begin{center} ?) Dec 19 '16 at 17:21

centering is a paragraph setting, with the values at the end of the paragraph being use

            {\centering{$\quad \quad \quad \vdots$}} \\

there is no paragraph end there so \centering has gone out of scope by the time the paragraph ends

You could use


for example.

  • Thank you so very much David that works beautifully and exactly what I was looking for!!! I wish you and all here a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! Dec 19 '16 at 17:45

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