In Is it possible to suppress a specific field from bibtex .bbl in biblatex? a related question was asked. The following can suppress language field from appearing in the output, when biblatex package is present.

\AtEveryBibitem{\clearlist{language}} % clears language

How to achieve this suppression without biblatex package (i.e., in plain bibtex)? I am using amsplain as bibtex style. The bibtex file is something like this (provided by https://zbmath.org/):

    Author = {A. {Einstein}},
    Title = {{Eine Theorie der Grundlagen der Thermodynamik.}},
    FJournal = {{Annalen der Physik, IV. Folge}},
    Journal = {{Ann. der Phys. (4)}},
    ISSN = {0003-3804},
    Volume = {11},
    Pages = {170--187},
    Year = {1903},
    Publisher = {Johann Ambrosius Barth, Leipzig},
    Language = {German},
    Zbl = {34.0962.01}
  • in general you'd just modify the bst style to not use the language field, but the details depend on the bst that you are modifying. – David Carlisle Dec 20 '16 at 14:11

amsplain.bst has

% The extra section to write out a language field was added
% for AMSPLAIN.BST.  Not present in plain.bst.

FUNCTION {format.language}
{ language empty$
    { "" }
    { " (" language * ")" * }

This tests if the language field is empty and does nothing or outputs it in () depending.

So if you make a copy of that file called say xamsplain.bst and use


and then modify the definition always to do nothing

FUNCTION {format.language}
    { "" }

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