I am trying to get TeXpad (latest OSX-version) to compile a document with some R code, but just ends up with errors. This is my first try

My document

    You can type R commands in your \LaTeX{} document and they will be properly run and the output printed in the document.
 # Create a sequence of numbers X = 2:10  
 # Display basic statistical measures summary(X)   

When compiled with xelatex (or pdflatex) and preprocessed R code, either with Knitr or Sweave, it ends up without the R code being recognised. Is this not possible with TeXpad?

  • People might not be familiar with texpad. Does compilation work from a terminal? That is first knitr or sweave of this file, the pdflatex on the output from knitr or sweave – daleif Dec 21 '16 at 9:59

A very simple solution to my problem: When I renamed the file with extension .Rnw it compiled like it should.

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