I have two levels of enumerate lists in LaTeX with labels like


where the levels are separated by dot. I would like to have references in the same format. However, they are printed as


It is no problem to put the brackets around, but I would like to have also the dot in between. I tried several approaches I Googled, but nothing worked well with the references.

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enumitem provides separate label and ref keys for you to specify your list representation and cross-referencing with (if you wish them to be different, for some reason):

enter image description here




See Items~\ref{enum:level2} and~\ref{enum:level1}.

  \item First item
  \item Second item
    \item First nested item
    \item Second nested item \label{enum:level2}
    \item Third nested item
    \item Last nested item
  \item Third item \label{enum:level1}
  \item Last item

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