There are 3 unexpected errors in my tikz-cd commutative diagram, called:

Package pgf Error: No shape named A is known. I think the culprit is a tikzcd arrow in cell 2-2.

How to solve the problem with these errors?

The figure is quite good, however if we can somehow to make an arrow xi with length like nu, it would be perfect.

A MWE is here:


\begin{center} %8ex
    %       \resizebox{0.25\linewidth}{!}{
    \begin{tikzcd}[row sep = 40pt, column sep = 40pt, ampersand replacement=\&]
        \& K \& \& \& \\ 
        G \arrow[end anchor={[xshift=-1ex]}]{ur}{\mbox{\scalebox{1.5}{$\varepsilon$}}}   \arrow[end anchor={[xshift=-1ex]},swap]{dr}{\mbox{\scalebox{1.5}{$\delta$}}}\&     
         \arrow[from=A,start anchor={[xshift=-8ex]},end anchor={[xshift=-5ex]}]{r}{\mbox{\scalebox{1.5}{$\zeta$}}}
        \& E_m \arrow{r}{\mbox{\scalebox{1.5}{$\mu$}}}\& E_\leq \arrow{r}{\mbox{\scalebox{1.5}{$\nu$}}} \& \mathcal{A}_\leq\\    
        \& D   
        \arrow[swap, xshift=-1.5ex,dashrightarrow,near end]{uu}{\mbox{\scalebox{1.5}{$\alpha_1$}}}
        [near start]{\mbox{\scalebox{1.5}{$\alpha_q$}}}  
        \arrow[swap, xshift=1.5ex,dashrightarrow]{uu}
        \arrow[uu, phantom, xshift=1.6ex,"=:\mathcal{A}"{name=A,right}, midway]
        \& \& \&  
    %       }

A current pdf is following:

enter image description here

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    It's zeta, not xi (ξ). Also, you should use \eqqcolon from mathtools rather than =:: the colon is not centred on the math axis.
    – Bernard
    Dec 23, 2016 at 23:06

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It's easier than that: just back up by the intercolumn space:


 every label/.style={
    /tikz/inner sep=+0.5ex},
    %       \resizebox{0.25\linewidth}{!}{%
\begin{tikzcd}[row sep = 40pt, column sep = 40pt, ampersand replacement=\&]
\& K \\ 
G \arrow[end anchor={[xshift=-1ex]}]{ur}{\varepsilon}
  \arrow[end anchor={[xshift=-1ex]},swap]{dr}{\delta}
\& \&[-40pt] =:\mathcal{A} \arrow{r}{\zeta} \& 
E_m \arrow{r}{\mu} \& 
E_\leq \arrow{r}{\nu} \& \mathcal{A}_\leq\\    
\& D \arrow[swap, xshift=-1.75ex,dashrightarrow,near end]{uu}{\alpha_1}
           [near start]{\alpha_q}
     \arrow[swap, xshift=1.75ex,dashrightarrow]{uu}
    %       }

Note how I override the choice of \scriptstyle for the labels. But it's better to use the default \scripstyle, in my opinion.

enter image description here


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