I am drawing some nodes with tikz in multiple tikzpicture environments. It is the exact same nodes, so I thought it is possible to create a tikz command to draw the same 5 nodes again and again?

Would it be best practice to just use

  \node (a) {a};
  \node[right=of a] (b) {b};
  \node[right=of b] (c) {c};
  \node[right=of c] (d) {d};
  \node[right=of d] (e) {e};
  • did you check the chains library of TikZ in the manual ? – percusse Dec 26 '16 at 10:57
  • 1
    It depends on how you want to use these five nodes. If it is just meant as a shorthand, then \newcommand is fine. If it is a sub-picture, tikz offers the \pic command, or you can define a new shape (like rectangles, circles, diamonds) with anchors which will automatically be used when connecting the shape with other nodes. – gernot Dec 26 '16 at 12:00
  • It is a tree, so you could use Forest which can copy sub-trees multiple times. I am sorry, by the way. When I commented on your earlier question, I thought that you would obviously already know how to provide a minimal example. However, seeing this new question, I realise that I may have been mistaken and that you may so far not have been directed to the guidance for creating a Minimal Working Example (MWE). Just FYI, there is another one for questions about bibliographies. – cfr Dec 26 '16 at 21:11

With Forest:

  declare toks={split five}{},
  make five/.style={
    before typesetting nodes={append'=a, split five=#1, delay={split option={split five}{:}{before five,five and,just five}}},
  just five/.style={
    for descendants={#1},
  five and/.style={
    for tree={#1},
  before five/.style={
    for tree={
      if content={}{phantom}{
        delay={content/.wrap value=\strut#1},
  before typesetting nodes={
    for tree={
  [[a[b[c,make five[d[e,make five=:{grow'=90}:make five]]]]][modified copy, make five={top color=black, bottom color=black, middle color=white, text=red, !1.edge=->}:{grow'=-90}:{inner color=blue!50!cyan, outer color=blue!30!cyan, text=white, thick, draw=blue!75!cyan, edge={blue!75!cyan, thick}, font=\sffamily\bfseries, circle} ]]

will create many exactly similar copies, some rotated, and one highly modified version:

Forest repetition

  • If I have each node is a square with side equal to 1 or a circle radius 1. How can I make sequence of n - squares or n - cirlces? Please help me. – minhthien_2016 Dec 27 '16 at 23:26
  • @toandhsp That's a different question. Please ask a new question and include the code you are using to make the one node. – cfr Dec 27 '16 at 23:46

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