I'm using Texmaker and I've created a list of acronyms for my article document. I've used this type of code in the preamble to generate the acronyms list:


Then within the text itself, I have used:


to get the acronym to appear in the text, all within the same .tex file. This works very well, without any problems, when I'm looking to add the acronyms to the list that are in-text, as they appear in the list whenever I use the \gls{} command.

My issue is with adding acronyms to the list when I don't use them in the text. For example, I have some that appear in figures/images that I've added into the document but I cannot get to appear in the acronyms list. All the ones I want to use, even the ones in images, are already written into the code using:


How do I get acronyms to appear in the acronyms list that appear in images and not in-text?

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You write \glsadd{word} to add word to the acronyms list without having word in your text. Or \gsaddall to get all the defined ones in the list. Or \glsaddallunused to add all the unused ones (the difference between these can be important if page numbers are added to the list).

  • I went with the '\glsaddallunused' one in the end, since I already had a number of them defined and it worked really well. Thanks very much!
    – James
    Dec 28, 2016 at 7:53

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