I want to achieve the following (ignore the artifacts, it's from a university reference for their thesis style),

enter image description here

I have the following MWE,

\documentclass[12pt, a4paper, oneside, parskip=full]{memoir}

\setulmarginsandblock{2.5cm}{3cm}{*} % Upper-Lower margins
\setlrmarginsandblock{3.8cm}{2.5cm}{*} % Left-Right margins

%      Table of con../fig../tab..
\renewcommand{\contentsname}{TABLE OF CONTENTS}
\renewcommand{\listfigurename}{LIST OF FIGURES}
\renewcommand{\listtablename}{LIST OF TABLES}
\renewcommand{\printtoctitle}[1]{\centering\Large\bfseries #1}
\renewcommand{\printloftitle}[1]{\centering\Large\bfseries #1}
\renewcommand{\printlottitle}[1]{\centering\Large\bfseries #1}
\numtoName{#1}: }}

\renewcommand{\cftchapterdotsep}{\cftdotsep}% Chapters should use dots in ToC
\usepackage{times} % Use Times font

%      Spacing
\setlength{\parindent}{1.2cm} % Paragraph indent
\frenchspacing % Use single space after end of sentence

%      Others

\includepdf[addtotoc={1,chapter,1,First Page,First Page}]{SamplePage.pdf}
\includepdf[addtotoc={1,chapter,1,Second Page,Second Page}]{SamplePage.pdf}
\includepdf[addtotoc={1,chapter,1,Third Page,Third Page}]{SamplePage.pdf}





Here is the code for SamplePage.tex:

\title{Sample Page}

I've got the following so far,

My Output

I've already read Customising ToC appearance of chapter titles in front and back matter but I don't think it applies here since I'm using memoir.

My questions:

  1. How to make front matter titles and respective numbers be roman (un-bold)? and have trailing dots in between them?
  2. How can I have single spacing between the front matter entries in the ToC?
  3. How can I have "List of Figures" and "List of Tables" in the ToC but full caps in the \title{} and thus the page?
  4. How can I make Chapter headings along with their titles in full caps?
  5. and also make chapter, and all sections, subsections, etc. have trailing dots to their respective page numbers?

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