Working through Stefan Kottwitz's LaTeX Cookbook, page 82, I tried to use the package pullquote.

I am using R, the knitr library and the RStudio IDE. When I compiled the .Rnw script that has the page 83 code, the compile failed because "File 'pullquote.sty'not found"

The book helpfully tells where to find online the requisite .dtx file that will generate the missing pullquote.sty. I copied that .dtx file into the directory where the .Rnw script is (the working directory), but that alone obviously will not succeed.

A few lines later the book says "Compile the pullquote.dtx file with LaTeX.

How can I do that within the R, knitr, RStudio setup? Perhaps this question should help me, but it doesn't because I don't know how to run (pdf)latex. Or this one speaks of running pdflatex on the .dtx file, but how does one do that and and where do you save the result?

  • I think the easiest way would be to run pdflatex in a terminal, ie., typing 'latex pullquote.dtx' into a terminal. Which operating system are you using?
    – Christian
    Dec 28 '16 at 22:59
  • I am on Windows 10. In the command line I can do what you suggest, Christian, but how do I save the result (the .sty?) and do I save it where my other LaTeX packages are?
    – lawyeR
    Dec 28 '16 at 23:06
  • Have you just tried pdflatex pullquote.dtx from the terminal?
    – altroware
    Dec 28 '16 at 23:51
  • The resulting .sty file should be located in the folder you ran latex on the .dtx file. You can put it into the same folder as your .tex file. If you want to add it permanently and you are using MikTeX the following answer could be of interest: tex.stackexchange.com/a/69484/93559
    – Christian
    Dec 29 '16 at 8:30
  • From the console of RStudio: > system("pdflatex pullquote.dtx") This is pdfTeX, Version 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.15 (MiKTeX 2.9 64-bit) entering extended mode ! I can't find file `pullquote.dtx'. <*> pullquote.dtx
    – lawyeR
    Dec 29 '16 at 20:37

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