I'm writing my own beamer theme, I had some fancy idea to layout my header in beamer class: I progress bar on top and below the sections corresponding to the slides where they start, namely:

          Section 1 

The progress bar is designed as follows:

\multiply\dimen0 by \insertframenumber
\divide\dimen0 by \inserttotalframenumber
\begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=\textwidth,ht=.1ex,dp=.1ex]{progress bar}
    \begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=\progressbarwidth,ht=.1ex,dp=.1ex]{progress bar progress}

So, my idea was to use the data in the .toc-file

\beamer@sectionintoc {1}{Section 1}{2}{0}{1}
\defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax 
\beamer@subsectionintoc {1}{1}{Subsection 1.1}{7}{0}{1}
\defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax 
\beamer@subsectionintoc {1}{2}{Subsection 1.2}{10}{0}{1}
\defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax 
\beamer@sectionintoc {2}{Section 2}{13}{0}{2}
\defcounter {refsection}{0}\relax 
\beamer@sectionintoc {3}{Section 3}{22}{0}{3}

that provides the page number where the section starts and compare this with (e.g. \insertframenumber) to align & print the three section title by \insertsection.

My questions:

(1) Can I use this data? Is there any variable already defined in beamer to get the page number of the @sectionintoc?

(2) Is there an easier way just to print all three section titles? (Maybe iterate modulo something).


(1) Yes, \insertsectionstartpage. See the manual page 65.

(2) Yes,



\section{title of section 1}
\section{title of section 2}
\section{title of section 3}
\section{title of section 4}
\section{title of section 5}
\subsection{title of subsection 5-1}




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