Within my text, I use \footnote to place text. This places a small superscripted number within the text as well as a number at the bottom of the page followed by the data within the footnote.

  • How can I change the appearance the number mark which appears within the text, so that it follows a normal text style just like the other text around it (not superscripted)?
  • How can I change the appearance of the number mark which appears at the bottom of the page to the left of the footnote? Can this be changed to match the numbers in a list style?
  • Can these settings change the appearance of all marks within the document uniformly?

You can redefine \@makefnmark and \@makefntext to achieve the behavior you describe. We look at the original definition with \makeatletter\show\@makefntext\makeatother and produce

> \@makefntext=\long macro:
#1->\parindent 1em\noindent \hb@xt@ 1.8em{\hss \@makefnmark }#1.
l.6 \makeatletter\show\@makefntext

and with \makeatletter\show\@makefnmark\makeatother we produce

> \@makefnmark=macro:
->\hbox {\@textsuperscript {\normalfont \@thefnmark }}.
l.7 \makeatletter\show\@makefnmark

In the latter case, we get rid of the \@textsuperscript to address question one. I am not sure, I understand 'number in a list' correctly, but I added a period after the number in \@makefntext to address question two. If you like other changes, you can add them in the same way.

This affects all footnotes in the whole document and should, therefore, be consistent for all footnotes. You can look at the footmisc or the scrextend package to get more options for footnote issues. You will also find some more in question 1 and question 2.

footnote numbering example


\hbox {{\normalfont \@thefnmark }}}%

  \parindent 1em\noindent \hb@xt@ 1.8em{\hss \@makefnmark.}#1}%

Word \footnote{This is a word.} Word \footnote{This is also a word.}

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