I am not sure if this is a very trivial, or an advanced problem, but since I updated to Ubuntu 16.04, my Kile LaTeX editor stopped working. I can open my .tex files, and even build them (ViewPDF, and Okular will open the .pdf) but I can not see the .tex file any more! I used to select the file in the file explorer on the left, double click, and the file will open on the right (standard setting for Kile I guess) but now, nothing will happen. I can not seem to find a way to open the .tex files in Kile. the editor seems to have dissappeared. Has anyone encountered something like that before? I attached a picture of my Kile. as I said, I click on a .tex file, but it just wont open. All stays gray as it is on the screenshot. Regards Christopher kile as it looks after the update

  • apt-get purge and re-install did not do either, by the way
    – ChriSil
    Jan 11 '17 at 10:11

did you solve your problem already? Today the same thing happend to me as well. Im using Lubuntu 16.06.

After I deleted the files: .kde/shared/apps/kile and ./kde/shared/config/kilerc I did:

  1. apt-get remove kile (theoretically not needed)
  2. apt-get purge kile
  3. apt-get install kile

Now it works again. I hope it helps, good luck!

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