I use JSTOR and Google books/scholar a lot for my essays, and while they provide bibtex-style citations, chicago style dictates that the database name be in the citation. I've read through the biblatex-chicago pdf and couldn't find anything specifically pertaining to these types of citations.

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    Welcome to TeX.SX! Can you please share an MWE with us? It would be important to know if you use the notes or authordate style of biblatex-chicago. Furthermore it would be nice to know how you give the relevant data in the .bib file. Finally, it would be great of you could give us an idea of how you would ideally like to see the information shown in the end (i.e. create a mock-up).
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    Jan 3, 2017 at 12:43

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You want to use eprint. Put the ID of the entry into the eprint field and then give the kind of database in the eprinttype. For example

  author     = {S. V. Nagaev},
  journal    = {Annals of Probability},
  number     = {5},
  pages      = {745-789},
  title      = {Large Deviations of Sums of Independent Random Variables},
  volume     = {7},
  date       = {1979},
  eprint     = {2243301},
  eprinttype = {jstor},

  author       = {Wilde, Oscar},
  title        = {The Importance of Being Earnest: A Trivial Comedy for Serious
  year         = 1899,
  series       = {English and {American} drama of the Nineteenth Century},
  publisher    = {Leonard Smithers {and} Company},
  eprint       = {4HIWAAAAYAAJ},
  eprinttype   = {googlebooks},

Out of the box biblatex supports JSTOR (eprinttype = {jstor}), arxiv (eprinttype = {arxiv}), HDLs (eprinttype = {hdl}), PubMed (eprinttype = {pubmed}), Google Books (eprinttype = {googlebooks}). Have a look at Biblatex and Pubmed/Pubmed Central IDs for help on adding new eprint types.

DOIs are supported in a dedicated doi field.

Since biblatex-chicago fully supports biblatex's eprint features, you can use this with biblatex-chicago as well.

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