When I write:

    \item<1-> a b c
    \item<2-> d e f

in slide 1, the second item "d e f" is shown in grey. I want it to be white. Is there a way to make this behavior default for the entire presentation?

Here there are many examples for the \setbeamercolor command, but, I did not find any example relevant for changing only the color of covered text.


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I assume the instruction


is somewhere in your document's preamble, along with (I would hope) \beamerdefaultoverlayspecification{<+->}. Change the instruction to


to make the covered items, well, invisible.

A full MWE:

\beamerdefaultoverlayspecification{<+->} % optional but handy
\setbeamercovered{invisible} % or: 'transparent', 'dynamic', ...

    \item a b c
    \item d e f
    \item g h i

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