I have a problem with my [TeXshop] and my bibliography. I need to cite a classical author, concrete Plinio el viejo, but when I compile my tex the biblio say el viejo, Plinio. Someone know what can I for solve it? I use the biblatex package.


If you have an entry whose author field currently reads

author = "Plinio el viejo",

BibTeX and biblatex (biber) will interpret "el" as the "von" component of the person's full name, and therefore also "viejo" as the surname component and "Plinio" as the first-name component of the full name. Obviously, that's not what you want for this entry.

To indicate to BibTeX and biblatex that the author has a single composite name, you should write either

author = "{Plinio el viejo}",


author = {{Plinio el viejo}},

Adding the pair of curly braces tells BibTeX and biber not to parse the author's full name and, in essence, treat it as a multi-component single name. That way, the entry will also be sorted under "P" for "Plinio" rather than under "E" for "el viejo".

Here's a full MWE :

enter image description here

  author = "Plinio el viejo",
  title  = "Naturalis {Historia}",
  year   = {{77}},
  author = "{Plinio el viejo}",
  title  = "Naturalis {Historia}",
  year   = {{77}},


\citet{plinio:77a}, \citet{plinio:77b}
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    author={Plinius Secundus, C., senior} – egreg Jan 9 '17 at 10:25

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