I am writing a custom citation style with my own bbx and cbx files. For certain things that I have to establish, biblatex already has package options (e.g. suppressing ISBN or using initials of authors). Can my custom style somehow impose the use of these options?


It's entirely possible (and probably sensible) to recognise the standard options. Assuming your custom style is constructed using a standard one

\RequireBibliographyStyle{standard}% Or numeric or authoryear or ...

then toggles such as bbx:isbn will be defined and can be used in for example


The can also be set as options

\ExecuteBibliographyOptions{isbn = false}

so your custom style can do things 'it's own way'.

If you are working entirely from scratch then you'll need to define the standard options yourself


but that is no different from declaring your own custom options


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