I have a problem with y-axis of my graph produced with this code:


  \datavisualization [
    scientific axes=clean,
    x axis={length=0.8\textwidth, ticks=some, label={Generation}},
    y axis={length=0.56\textwidth, logarithmic, ticks={minor steps between steps}, grid, label={Costs}},
    visualize as line/.list={best,average},
    legend=north east inside,
    best   ={label in legend={text=best cost}},
    average={label in legend={text=average cost}},
    style sheet=vary dashing
  data [format=named,set=best, read from file=bestGA.csv]
  data [format=named,set=average, read from file=averageGA.csv]
\caption{GA: graphical representation of costs improvement shown for the average and the best VA.}

The files with data: average.csv and best.csv

The ticks and the grid are there, only the labels are missing.

What I would like is for labels to also appear at the minor ticks (i.e. 8*10^6, 9*10^6 and 1,1*10^7). I read in the documentation that the minor ticks do not have labels, but is there a workaround? I already tried ticks={at={8000000,9000000,11000000}} to brute force the ticks, but to no avail ...

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What is needed is ticks and grid={major at={8000000.0,9000000.0,10000000.0,20000000.0}} to get the desired effect.

wanted result

However, this is hard-coded now. Does anybody know of a better solution?

  • I truly ask myself, why bother posting a question, when after a while I find the answer myself? Happens too often lately - see this question. Commented Jan 9, 2017 at 12:07

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