I am looking for a best, most universal option to transfer stata output to latex (of any kind) i know esttab and things like this however what if i want to transfer something different (any type of output not only reg)? What is the most universal and efficient method to do that?

I am using Stata SE 11.2.

In general what i want to have a stata log in .tex format. For example i want to have a tex version of vif table.


. vif


Variable |      VIF      1/VIF  
   meals |      2.73    0.366965
     ell |      2.51    0.398325
    emer |      1.41    0.706805
Mean VIF |      2.22

The most flexible tool for this I can think of is John Luke Gallup's frmttable:

frmttable is a programmer's command that takes a Stata matrix of statistics and creates a fully-formatted Word or TeX table which can be written to a file.

I added the emphasis regarding matrices.

Here's a little example of a VIF table:

sysuse auto, clear
qui reg price mpg rep78 weight
estat vif
return list

mat A = `r(vif_1)', 1/`r(vif_1)' \ `r(vif_2)', 1/`r(vif_2)' \ `r(vif_3)', 1/`r(vif_3)'
mat B = A[1...,1]               // extract first column in order to compute mean
mat sm = J(rowsof(B),1,1)'*B    // sum of column elements
mat vifmean = sm/rowsof(B)      // compute VIF mean
mat A = A\ vifmean, .           // append A by vifmean
mat rownames A = `r(name_1)' `r(name_2)' `r(name_3)' "Mean VIF"
mat colnames A = VIF 1/VIF

frmttable using your-path/vifexample, statmat(A) sdec(2) varlabels tex fragment nocenter replace

This stores the following LaTeX output

\hline \noalign{\smallskip} & VIF & 1/VIF\\
\noalign{\smallskip}\hline \noalign{\smallskip}Mileage (mpg) & 2.91 & 0.34\\
Weight (lbs.) & 2.91 & 0.34\\
Repair Record 1978 & 1.22 & 0.82\\
Mean VIF & 2.34 & \\

in the file your-path/vifexample.tex. You can then input this file in your document, for instance in a table float:



\caption{An example of a VIF table}



This produces the output

enter image description here

Edit: Extended LaTeX code in order to produce compilable example after @Bobyandbob's comment.

Edit 2: Split LaTeX code for clarification.

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