I'm making a document with LaTeX and I wish to add a lateral index to each page with the first letters of the first and last words.

To do that, I need to reset a command at the end of every page

I put a snippet of code in footer (of the fancyhdr package) with:

\def\TwoFirstLettersBegin{Indef} % Resetting the command
\TwoFirstLettersBegin            % Showing the new state of the command

but when I build my document, something strange happens:

My command seams to have been correctly resetted and the right content (Indef) when it is shown in the footer. But in the next page, when I print the command, nothings seems to have been modified.

In my pages content, I regularly modify other commands and every thing is nice. I don't understand what I made wrong.

Do you have any idea why my new command definition work in the footer and is cancelled in the next page?

  • Most likely the footer is grouped somehow, hence the definition also remains local according to that group. Maybe try using \gdef... – Ruben Jan 16 '17 at 22:28
  • In general I would recommend to use the everyshi package for such things, resp. its \EveryShipout command. – Ruben Jan 16 '17 at 22:31
  • Technically your centre footer should show Indef from the point onward where you call it that way. – Werner Jan 16 '17 at 23:01

I think using fancyhdr for this is kind of a misuse. The everyshi package was actually designed for the exact purpose of performing actions right before the page gets shipped out.




\verb|\TwoFirstLettersBegin|: \TwoFirstLettersBegin

\verb|\TwoFirstLettersBegin|: \TwoFirstLettersBegin

\verb|\TwoFirstLettersBegin|: \TwoFirstLettersBegin


On the new page it's resetted -- \verb|\TwoFirstLettersBegin|: \TwoFirstLettersBegin
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