I would like to get underlined section headings that look like the lines under "Professional Experience" and "Education" in this example. I would preferably like to do this without switching to a resume-documentclass.

Also, if there is a way to have an linewidth underline under centered text and then have some smaller text centered below that underline, that would be great. (So, like underlining a name and then having contact information under the underline.)

  • Welcome to TeX.se. Can you please provide a MWE to show what you have tried already.
    – gman
    Jan 20 '17 at 15:46

I have adapted a reply given Underlining a whole line with a short text in its beginning But there is a small limitation the Section title should be smaller than linewidth.

\usepackage{calc}  %% Needed for calculating remaining length. 


\titleline{Section Underlined}


\titleline{In case if I use a bigger line as a section title this command may behave weirdly }


MWE would have helped better.


I think you are asking two questions at the same time here. However, regarding the main part you could do:



\myresumesection{Professional experience}



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