I'm trying to use biblatex to obtain a bibliography with the following characteristics: 1) it should be divided into two sections (i.e., "Journal Papers" and "Conference Papers"); 2) each entry in the first (resp. second) section should have a prefix "J" (resp. "C"); 3) the entries should be in reversed order.

So far, I've been able to achieve points 1) and 3) above, but not point 2), that is, I obtain

Journal Papers

Conference Papers

instead of

Journal Papers

Conference Papers

Here's my MWE, which is inspired by other similar topics (namely, biblatex: Reverse numbering (i.e., count down) and Multibib reverse label or sort order):







  \printbibliography[prefixnumbers={J},title={Journal Papers}]
  \printbibliography[prefixnumbers={C},title={Conference Papers}]


I compile using the following commands:

latex doc
bibtex doc1-blx
bibtex doc2-blx
latex doc
pdflatex doc

What am I doing wrong?

  • FYI, I'm using the MacTeX-2016 Distribution. – TheDon Jan 24 '17 at 11:29

You cannot use prefixnumber anymore. You should use \newrefcontext[labelprefix=J] on the line above printbiliography.

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