Complicated tables need to be included in my thesis, but it is easier to put images of them obtained through scanning from a book. Can I insert an image, but have it count as a table?

One approach I thought of to achieve this would be to make a 1x1 table and put a figure in the cell. Are there any other ways to accomplish my goal?


You can put everything you want into a table environment, e.g.

  \caption{This is a table}

picture used as table


You asn also call capt-of package into service.

\captionof{table}{Table caption}
  • capt-of is meant to use a \caption outside of a float. Your solution to this particular problem doesn't seem like a good idea, as a figure can overtake a table but in this example your figure-type float doesn't contain a figure and you don't want it to overtake a table. – Skillmon Aug 10 '18 at 18:54

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