I'm trying to do a Beamer presentation and I have to write the following text. I would like to get the same aligned as in the picture, but I'm not sure how to do that. I have tried creating two columns but it fails.

What I want is that the equations start at the same point, in spite of the ending position of the text in the left-hand side.

What I need


As others already have mentioned, this can easily be achieved by using a tabular like this:


\textbf{Predict}  &  \\
Predicted state estimate            & $\displaystyle\hat{\mathbf{x}}_{k-1|k-1}=f(\hat{\mathbf{x}}_{k|k-1},\mathbf{k}_{u-1})$ \\
Predicted covariance estimate       & $\displaystyle\hat{\mathbf{x}}_{k-1|k-1}=f(\hat{\mathbf{x}}_{k|k-1},\mathbf{k}_{u-1})$ \\[.5em]
\textbf{Update}   &  \\
Innovation or measurement residual  & $\displaystyle\hat{\mathbf{x}}_{k-1|k-1}=f(\hat{\mathbf{x}}_{k|k-1},\mathbf{k}_{u-1})$ \\
Innovation (or residual) covariance & $\displaystyle\hat{\mathbf{x}}_{k-1|k-1}=f(\hat{\mathbf{x}}_{k|k-1},\mathbf{k}_{u-1})$ \\
Near-optimal Kalman gain            & $\displaystyle\hat{\mathbf{x}}_{k-1|k-1}=f(\hat{\mathbf{x}}_{k|k-1},\mathbf{k}_{u-1})$ \\
Updated state estimate              & $\displaystyle\hat{\mathbf{x}}_{k-1|k-1}=f(\hat{\mathbf{x}}_{k|k-1},\mathbf{k}_{u-1})$ \\
Updated covariance estimate         & $\displaystyle\hat{\mathbf{x}}_{k-1|k-1}=f(\hat{\mathbf{x}}_{k|k-1},\mathbf{k}_{u-1})$ 


enter image description here

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  • What's the purpose of the \displaystyle directives? – Mico Jan 24 '17 at 20:24

Use a simple tabular:

\begin{tabular}{@{} p{7cm} >{$}l<{$} @{}}
Innovation or measurement residual & 
     \overline{\mathbf{y}}_k = \mathbf{Z}_k - h(\mathbf{\hat{x}}_{k|k-1}) \\[5pt]
Innovation (or residual) covariance &
     \mathbf{S}_k = \mathbf{H}_k \ldots

enter image description here

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