I'm working on a homework assignment and would like to add a comment to one of the steps I've taken. When I do, however, the alignment of everything is thrown off. Is there a way to center the equations to the page and then have the comment align to the right margin? See picture below.

x_1+(-1)&=1 &&\text{(Recall, $x_2=-1$ from above)}\\

document picture

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Use flalign* with the right number of &, and \llap for the comments:

 & & x_1+x_2&=1\\
 & & x_1+(-1)&=1 &&\llap{(Recall, $x_2=-1$ from above)}\\
 & & x_1&=2

enter image description here

  • Nailed it! Works perfectly, you always come through! Thanks, @Bernard!
    – jbrow35
    Jan 25, 2017 at 0:46

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