I have seen pdf files with interactive objects. For example, objects that you can rotate by using the mouse.

I would like to know what such formats can be embedded into a pdf using latex, and how. I have only found documentation for .u3d files, but obtaining an .u3d file seems rather complicated. I am trying to embed a 3d plot from Wolfram Mathematica, and the only allowed export formats according to this reference are .dxf, .lwo, .wrl, .3ds and .x3d (this last one does not appear in the mentioned reference, but I found out in some other page I cannot remember anymore).

Is there a way to embed any of the previous formats into a pdf using latex?

I tried to convert a .x3d file into a .u3d file, but that turned out to be a complicated way to go. See the question I posted on AskUbuntu if you can give any hints on that direction.

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