How can I do a diagram like this

enter image description here

using xymatrix? I don't want the diagram to extend for three lines (otherwise I could do the abo above diagram easily).


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You can change the arrow tips and the spacing between rows and columns.

%\usepackage[all,cmtip]{xy} % to use cm arrow tip

\xymatrix@C=1cm{x\ar[r]^{a} & y} \qquad
\xymatrix{\ar@{|->}[r]^{T} & }   \qquad
\xymatrix@C=1cm@R=1cm{F(x)\ar[r]^{F(a)}\ar[d] & F(y) \ar[d] \\ G(x)\ar[r]_{G(a)} & G(y) } 

enter image description here

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